Pirouette Footwork, Flower Basic

送信者 MOSCOW WS 2013

Poichi Turn plus Pirouette footwork

Side Plane Poichi Arm circle Excercise.

Feet position : pararell, Left foot front, Right foot front.

  1. Same Direction Split Time
  2. Butterfly

Turn when arm open to the side, Right or Left, you can turn.

* No need to extend arm 100%. Don't hurt your shoulder.
* Make all the positions ( 2 of Horizonta positions and 2 of Vertical positions) ballanced.

Turn Combination

  1. 180 Returning Turn
  2. 360 Pirouette

Use upper body to make plane clean. Use Downer body make body strong!

Footwork One example

180 + 180 Turn


Efficient way to practice flower

This contents can be done on any plane or on any rhytm. If your are beginner, follow me on the side plane. If you want to choose wall plane, do it

Step 1 : Extend comfortable spinning Area

Flower is the moves with extended arm to top, bottom, front, behind. Practice extend your arm to each positions. Don't forget keep plane clean.

Step2 : Transfer one Poi

Practice transport poi position to position.
Inspin :Move your arm when poi towards to the outer big circle.
Antispin : Move your arm when poi towards to inside to your body.

STEP 3 : Practice Half, 1 petal 1 position

Practice Vertical line and Horizontal line separately.


  1. Top - Petal behind - bottom ( keep the position clean )
  2. Bottom - Petal front - Top ( keep the position Clean)


  1. Front - Petal Top - Behind ( keep the position clean )
  2. Behind - Petal bottom - front ( keep the position Clean)

STEP 4 Try with 2 poi

First of all, Keep the plane and Rhythm Clean!!

Then try Step3 with Two poi. Don't spin 4 Petal togather yet !! This is important !!

Practice 1 petal, 1 position, is cleaning your flower up!!!

Check your self out!!
Is your plane clean?
Is your rhythm clean?
Is you position Clean?
Is your petal Clean?
Make is more Krashiva!

STEP 5 Make flower !

Now you are ready to go!

Count and make Partner Flower

If you can make Step 4 clean enough, that means you are ready to count flower !!
Count beats when poi comes into your body ( or out ) and make routine with your friends :)
Here is the examples.


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