Making Choreography with Poiscore

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This workshop is about How I make Poi Choreography.

There are many ways of making peformance, everyone has there own way. That's for sure. So this is one of the example, which I discovered.

Find music

Find music which you want to have show with

  • 3-5 min for 1 poi performance
  • Whenever you find good one, note the name of music, and put the music into playlist.
  • There aer some nice software or service you can use. If you listen to a music, then they show related music you might like.

Recommended Software, Service

Recomend you similar music

  2. Spotify

Help to find songs name.

  1. Shazam

Anlyze the music

  1. Count the music
  2. make note
  3. understand, feel music.

But how you take note? how you count??

There is a good free music software you can use to analyze music

Acid Xpress

you can download it for free from software by Sony.

Listen music with ACID, and count and tap keyboad. Most of time ONLY ONE LISTEN is enough to analyze music!! What a Technology!!

Markers with Numbers

Hit "M" on keybord to count music. if iits 8 beat, then hit "M" every 8 count. "M" is a short cut to put markers with number.

Markers on the bottom (without numbers)

Hit "H" when music changed or someting cool sounds, different from other. "M" is red marker on the bottom. You can name it.

Write Choreography

Now You got Music. So you want to put cool moves into the music. But I don't want to sitting infront of PC and keybord to write Choreography. I want to move body and write donw to paper. But what is the paper? I do want to have something like music score for writing down my choreo graphy. But I can not find it, there is no score only for dance, juggling, etc.

So, I made it by myself for myself:)

It's been 7 years when I started writing down choreography. Little by little, it's progressed and now here is what I use now. It will be better for sure.


Is the Music SCORE for all the performers.
Write Choreography with music lines.


PDF File Download

Poiscore Half
Poiscore Full
Poiscore memo

Poiscore nobox Half
Poiscore nobox Full

If you like the idea and want to support me updating poiscore, you can donate some to me:)

Donate 寄付
Comment me if you like!

Poiscore How to use Sample ( but old )


you can writedown moves you already have and you might want to use it for the performance. It's kind of idea stock note.


This is going to be the 1st page for the score. You can write down your vision, ideas, or staging idea, whatever you want to on the top half. And write down music and moves bottom half.

Small Box Line

Each small box can be 1 beat or 2 beat. There are 32 boxes in a line. you can use it as 32 beats, or 64 beats. You can use color markers to show the emotion of the music. If music is silence, maybe "BLUE" color? If music sounds active, maybe "RED" something like that.

Top small blank Area

I normally put numbers. Begin with 1. So you can see How many bars (8count) you have. And, this is cool thing, you already have music on ACID program with numbers ( markers ). So this numbers connect to ACID directly! If you want to practice, 10 to 20, then just click 10 on ACID, then music is there!

Middle blank

Here is the place you write down your choreography. You can paint picture of the move, or you can writedown the name of the move, use it on your way :)


This is full of Boxes. So you can writedown choreography full space.

Make PoiScore visible

  1. Put numbers on
  2. Line with color maker ( A B C )
  3. Write down important lylics.
  4. etc..

Play Music and Play Poi, Write Down what you find

  1. Write down your moves on the score.
  2. Play music playpoi, write note. and do it untill you fill the score up.
  3. Sometimes it helps to do just improvisation a couple of times in front of camera, then watch them, find cool moves with the music. Then write it down on the score
  4. Write down anything you find, this will make your SCORE rich.
  5. You can not complete all at once, so little by little

Are You happy with what you wrote ? Then your performance is ready!, no no, don't forget practice!! Now practice hard

Now you have the analyzed musics, and great notes on the poiscore, it's time to practice again and again!!

the score and Acid will help you to make the performance much beter.

You can follow the number and click to play the part you want to listen, or you want to practice.

There are also "Repeat Region" on top. If you drag and drop at the top edge, there will be "BLUE" bars. Hit L and you can turn "repeat" on and off.

Use this Repeat region and markers, poiscore, this is super cool combination :)

  1. Repeat 4 bars about 30 mins, and go next bars.
  2. do it many times and you will find the part you want to change or add something. Go for it write down what you found. You have now the perfect score to remenber it.

Now you Perform and have fun !

You have great archive poiscore of the show, you never forget and you can add more and more anytime. The most great thing is you can see HOW YOU CREAT your performance on POISCORE. Not only the result, but how you choose the move, how you decide the way of the choreography is there. This will give you more idea next time !

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