Moscow 2013 Spring

Mooscw Workshop Spring organized by Wild Planet in March to April 2013

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Moscow Workshop MAP with PHOTO

See bigger map ofMoscow 2013

Beautiful Surprise Present from Russian friends :)

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Poiscore Half
Poiscore Full
Poiscore memo

Poiscore nobox Half
Poiscore nobox Full

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16 Stalls Matrix PDF

Magnetic Baton PDF

Magnetic Baton Matrix PDF

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2013_03_Moscow Basic Exercises and foundations of Poi spinning 1

2013_03_MoscowBasic Exercises and foundations. Rhythm, Controll poi Length, and 16Stalls

Flower Combination : D-CAP (Linear Isolation) and Catch, Circular Pirouette

Infinite Spiral and Partner Spiral

Magnetic Batons

Making Choreography with Poiscore

Pirouette Footwork, Flower Basic