2013_06_Korea Partner Spiral

Poichi Turn Excercise ( Split Butterfly )

Make 4 position always. Even when you make turn 2 of Horizontal and 2 of Vertical.

4 Truns x 2 feet = 8 Variations

Infinite Spiral

This move was created by Thomas.

Feel how it works

You can experience Infinite Spiral first. You can feel it.

  1. Wrap poi on the wrist, both hands same direction
  2. String make slightly diagonal line to the same direction.
  3. Swing poi on the wall plane,
  4. Swing bigger and Catch both hand togather tight, and twist.

*Keep poi on the wall plane
*Make sure you wrap poi on your wrist, not hand.
*Hole hands tight.
*Meke your arms straight to front, 90 degrees to the poi plane.

Now you practice how to get in

Do it one hand

  1. wrap, un-wrap on the wrist
  2. wrap and catch and release, with one poi. make nice "S" curve to the centere where both hands meet.
  3. wrap and spiral with one poi
  4. both hand togather.

* make plane and rhythm clean.

* Imagine Yin Yang curve.

* On count, you can release. On count, you'll wrap poi on wrist again and make shorter spiral.

Partner Spiral

Find Partner and use the same poi !

Feel how it works

  1. Wrap once on your wrist. if you go clockwise, then your partner goes counter clock wise. So the string line on wrists will be opposite direction.
  2. Hold your partner's wrist, not hand.
  3. hold one poi each
  4. swing poi together and twist!

* make poi plane straight and your arms make one nice line so poi and arms make 90 degrees always
* Don't twist too much, look your partner, face is saying "painful!"

How it work?

Imagin yin yang circle for partner spiral.

  1. Wrap your poi, where the "S curve" meet outer circle. If you spin poi right hand, then wrap your poi at right side of your body.
  2. Follow the S curve into the middle, meet your partners arm there. Catch it and spiral it.
  3. On the count 1,3,5... you release your partner and follow the rest of "S curve" to exit to outer circle.

* one need to be a leader. to change the rhythm.

* make Nice Plane between you and partner.

* Complete Yin-Yang Curve

* Make straight arm line between

* Don't do " wrapping and moving" togather. wrap, then move.

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