2013_06_Korea Poichi, Plane, Turns

Poichi Exercise

Basic Poi chi Exercise on the Wall Plane.

  1. Same Time Same Direction
  2. Split Time Same Direction
  3. Same TimeOpposite
  4. Split Opposite

Poichi Turn

Same Time Same Direction Turn ( 4 Variation x 2 feet = 8 variation )

Basic Spin

Forward, Backward, Make Pararell plane on Side.


Basic Carry Turn.

*Try crossed arm position if you are advanced.

Plane Controll Exercises.

Explore the comfortable Spinning Area

* Don't break Plane, always Keep Plane Clean

* Little by Little extend your area.

Nick's plance exercise

  1. Keep Hands one position and move body to limit.
  2. Keep you body still and move your poi around your body.
  3. you have 2 different positions, BTB (Behind the Back ) or BTH ( behind the head )
  4. Begin with one hand. and try it both hand togather.
  5. When you spin 2 poi, then now try to keep rhythm as well

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