Magnetic Batons

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The Matrix

Imagine box and circle in front of you always, it helps.

Magnetic Baton Matrix PDF


Get used to it

Just spin in front of you and get used to it. Move little higher, little lower, right side or left side.

*Follow the matrix. Make spin on gray dot.


  1. Same Direction Clockwise
  2. Same Direction Counter Clockwise
  3. Opposite Direction Inward
  4. Opposite Direction Outward


  1. Horizontal
  2. Vertical L top / R top
  3. Crossed Horizontal L top / R top

*try to make plane nice and straight.

*keep both hand the same rhythm.

*Follow the matrix. Make spin on gray dot.


Islate Every where !

  1. Center - Center Top - Center Bottom
  2. Home - Home Top - Home Bottom

*Make box image and follow the map.

*Try one hand first.

*Do both hand later

*Follow the matrix. Make Isolation on white dot.


Isolate 90 degrees and change the islated ball the other side, then keep spinning 90 degrees. Keep switching the isolated ball every 90 degrees and you can make the box!

*Follow the Square of the matrix. Make Isolation on white dot.

Top Box

Clockwise, Counter Clockwise

Bottom Box

Clockwise, Counter Clockwise

Box transfer

Clockwise, Counter Clockwise

Anti-Spin ( CAP )

Make Line with each side of the edge (ball). One ball alwasy moves Vertically, the other moves Horizontaly.

  1. Center (Pure Anti Spin)

180 CAP

  1. Home
  2. Center - Top
  3. Center- Bottom
  4. Away

90 CAP

  1. All The Box Ege ( 16 pattern )


Isolation - Antispin

Isotation - Spin

Antispin - Spin

How to Count

Spin : 1 = 90 Degree >> 4 = 360 Degree
Anti-Spin : 1 = 1 Line Length of a Small Box>> 4 = 4 Line Length of a Small Box ( 1 BOX Length)
Isolation: 1 = 1/4 Circle >> 4 = 1 Circle

Groupe Baton

Make Partner or Group. Make count togather and play !

Special Thanks to OKOTANPE

Okotanpe is super cool guy who does one of the most beautiful contact juggling in the world and one of the pioneer of Magnetic Batons.
All the tutorial video I borrow is from Okotanpe. Visit and see his unique style more!

Want to Buy Batons ?

Single Magnetic Baton マグネティックバトン おこたんぺモデル (おこたん棒)

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