2013_03_MoscowBasic Exercises and foundations. Rhythm, Controll poi Length, and 16Stalls

送信者 MOSCOW WS 2013

Rhythm Excercise

Keep your Poi on the Plane, and try to make a beat where your poi meet ( in the middle of the line between your hands )
Try it on split time same direction, or butterfly (Same time Opposite Direction).

And try below

  1. on Horizontal Plane In front of you
  2. Twist body
  3. on Horizontal Plane upper position
  4. on Wall Plane
  5. moving your arm position Right top to Left top ( like steering Car or boat )
  6. make beat on behind
  7. Make one extention but keep rhythm
  8. Try it with turning
  9. make one isolated and pirouette

Changing the length

There are 2 planes one is + make poi longer and - make poi shorter

Try them all positions

  1. Home position, Crossed Psition, Crossed Position from BTB, Crossed Position from BTH
  2. Front Position, BTB Position, BTH Position, BTB from crossed position. BTH from crossed Position. Front from BTB, Front from BTH

* Try to keep 90 degrees between Plane and hands.

* Try to keep rhythm always.

16 Stalls and more stalls

16 Stalls Matrix PDF

  1. 16 Stalls
  2. Plane Changing 4 out + 1 Stall Switches and 4 out (total 8 out)

  1. Thomas Style Horizontal Stalls

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